Tuesday, September 05, 2006

quickie catch up

today = day one of 3 month hell.
yesterday = great.
this weekend = not as great as I was planning.

communication = interesting with someone it used to be weird with. now that it's just business, it's cool. i hope it can stay that way. I'd like to be friends with him again, I wonder if it's possible. Not for a few months, but it would be nice to be friends with him again.

I hate Persians. Especially two in particular. I have to play a game now? That's bullshit. Just keep your nose in your own shit. So what? If he doesn't marry me now I'm really used goods?


USED GOODS?! I try really hard not to hate people, and it's not really hate for you, it's more like contempt mixed with spite.

I also have been advised not to speak to one friend alone because of this mysterious game i'm supposed to know how to play.

Men like me with long hair. I like me with short hair. One girl at work is totally confused now as to wether or not I'm a lesbian, and it cracks me up.

Trying to catch you up...

Love is weird. There's a friend, and you know, and so now I'm like in this awkward place because I dont want it to be awkward, so I'm making it awkward by trying to not have it be awkward. But it doesn't matter, because I will not see anyone until November, for the Thanksgiving Conference, and December when the 3 month contract on my soul ends. But then I'll have a 6 month sentence placed again...

Trying not to freak out.

Then the LSA asked me to emcee the Birth of Baha'u'llah banquet.

Trying not to freak out.

I'm very good at running away. Have I mentioned that? Then I freaking met a man who makes me want to stay.

Damnit all.

Where does the LSA get the idea I'd be a good emcee? I have no idea what they're expecting of me, either. Oh well. i still have to talk to them about it. But the fing is, it's not even on His birthday. Grrrrr...

And I'm addicted to this site now: http://grouphug.us

that's as caught up as I can make it in 5 minutes. Oh, my schedule's jacked up for the next three months. have I reiterated that enough?


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