Thursday, May 04, 2006

yes, I do

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.

And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!


Chris said...

I caught the UK B-Boy Championships in London! At Brixton Academy! It was the best way to top off the best overseas trip I've had in my life!

The anticlimax was the trains not being open the next morning, and paying our last £50 to a random guy posing as a cab driver to get us to our flight on time.

b said...

Ugh, don't even get me started on the London tube system... it's infamous for breakdowns, and left us stranded in some random spot one night as we were trying to catch our flight to Haifa, Israel.

It all turns out alright in the end, and we ended up having a great discussion with a random guy we shared a shady taxi with about Christianity, the Baha'i Faith and Israel.